Health Check Express

 It is a basic pack that is useful for every personaware of the need doing such periodic checks for maintaining the good status health. It is only one hour need to perform whole exams included in program, obtaining further a medical conclusion from the therapist-expert

Respiratory investigation:

-Thorax X-Ray

Cardiac investigation


Evaluation of the viscera:

-Full echography for men (thyroid, abdominal organs, genitourinary system)

Laboratory tests:

Hemostasis and biochemical tests:

-General analysis of blood (19 parameters)

-General analysis of urine (20 parameters)

-Glucose in serum



-Bilirubin total, direct and indirect


-Alkaline phosphotase

-LDH-lactate dehydrogenase


-Amylase pancreatic in serum

-Urea in serum

-Calcium in serum

-Iron in serum

-Magnesium în ser

-Phosphorus in serum

-Electrolytes (K+ Na+ Cl+)


-HDL-Cholesterol high density lipoprotein

-LDL-Cholesterol low density lipoprotein


-Creatinine in serum

Thyroid hormones:

-Anti Tiroxidperoxidase (Anti-TPO)

-Anti Tireoglobuline (Anti-TG)

-Free tiroxine (T4 free)

-Tyreotrope hormone (TSH)

Hepatitis markers:

-Hepatitis B, HBs antigen (HBs Ag)

-Antibodies Hepatitis B, Anti-HBs antigen (Anti-HBs Ag)

-Antibodies Hepatitis C, summary (Anti-HCV)

-Antibodies Core Hepatitis B virala, summary (Anti-HBc)

Tumor markers:

-Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) free

-Prostatie Specific Antigen (PSA) summary

Consultation of general practitioner (internist)