Maria Moldovanu

Head of MRI/CT Department, Radiologist

Șef Departament RMN/CT.


  • Implementation of complex diagnostic MRI methods for the first time in Moldova, with the accumulation of numerous results and experience, especially in neuroimaging, including MRI neurography, tractography, spectroscopy, evaluation of the CSF circuit, epilepsy protocol.
  • Organization and conduct of multiple international clinical trials
  • Member of ECR since 2008
  • GMC certification (good medical practice)

Education and training:

June 2019 33rd International Epilepsy Congress/ILAE, Bangkok
July 2016 Fellowship Clinic University Frankfurt, Epilepsy Center, Frankfurt, Germany
May 2016 EAN 2016, Copenhagen (Denmark)
November 2015 Pierre Lasjaunias European Course of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology; 13th Cycle 3rd Course “Vascular Diseases”, Izmir, Turkey
September 2015 The 5th Congress of Neurologists of Moldova; 14th Symposium of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, Chisinau-Iasi
September 2015 38th ESNR Annual Meeting, Naples, Italy
September 2015 6th Advanced Course in diagnostic Neuroradiology Naples, Italy January 2015 – Member of European Society of Neuroradiology
December 2014 The 1st Moldovan-Romanian Symposium of Neurosurgery Chisinau, Moldova
September 2013 The 19th session of the Balkan Medical Days and The second congress of emergency medicine in Moldova
June 2013 The 1st Moldovan-British International Neurosurgical Symposium
September 2012 The 3rd Congress of Radiologists of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
May 2012 School of MRI (advanced techniques in MRI: fMRI - DTI-theory and practice, clinical use) Uppsala, Sweden
1-5 May 2012 European Society of Radiology 2012. Participation in European Diploma in Radiology (2 step pass)
November 2011 School of MRI. Advanced MRI technique fMRI, Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 2011 3-week training in radiology department at Erasmus Clinique-University on advanced techniques in MRI (perfusion, diffusion, fMRI). Mentor: Dr. Marion Smith
October 2011 Training for advanced MRI techniques (spectroscopy, perfusion, DTI, fMRI), Essen, Germany
1-5 May 2011 European Society of Radiology 2011
7-10 June 2010 Diagnostic Imaging Postgraduate Course of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology, Bordeaux, France.
30 September - 1 December 2008 Internship as radiologist at Institut fur bildgebende Diagnostik&Therapie, Wetterkreuz 21, 91058, Erlangen-Tennenlohe, Germany. Mentor: Dr. Alexander Eisenkolb;
21-25 April 2008 Clinical applications training “MRI Basics for Radiologists and Physicians” at SIEMENS Healthcare Training Center, Allee am Rothelheimpark 3, 91052 Erlangen, Germany
2 February - 30 April 2008 Internship as radiologist at Gemeinschaftspraxis Radiologie, Adikessalee-strase Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Mentor: Dr. Robert Asmar