By means of this Code, we aim to offer you access to a set of high-quality reliable services. Similarly, the GDC is open to all categories of patients, therefore, providing non-discriminatory healthcare.

The GDC is created to respond to the dynamic environment of modern healthcare, whose fundamental mission is improving patient care and providing top-level diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, with a highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other staff categories, providing everything for your health!

By this Code of Ethics, we reiterate the GDC values for you and the medical community, such as:

a) protecting patients’ rights;

  1. compliance with professional obligations;
  2. awareness of appropriate behavior by all the members of the healthcare community;
  3. protecting the dignity of the medical profession.

Developed on the basis of the provisions of:

  1. The Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova No 1107 of 06.06.2002
  2. Law No 263 of 27.10.2005 on Rights and Responsibilities of a Patient
  3. Law No 264 of 27.10.2005 on Practicing the Medical Profession
  4. Law No 105 of 13.03.2003 on Consumer Protection
  5. Law No 273 of 09.11.1994 on Identity Documents of the National Passport System
  6. Law No 114 of 18.05.2012 on Paid Services and Electronic Currency

Updated on August 16, 2019

General Rules of Conduct and Ethics [1]


Patients have a series of rights stipulated in the current legislation. Along with respecting these rights, we believe that the way we provide medical services is just as important.


  1. The profession of a doctor is incompatible with cruelty, apathy, ignorance, indifference, arrogance, impatience, corruption, discrimination, or stigmatization.
  2. We shall provide a patient with qualified care, including by sending the patient to a medical institution or to a specialist with superior skills.
  3. We have an obligation to inform the competent authorities of any situation that could present a danger to public health.
  4. We respect the right of the patient to freely choose persons involved in the healthcare act.
  5. We respect the dignity of all those who address us, including imprisoned persons.
  6. We respect patients’ right to access personal medical data. Any interference in the patient’s private, family life is prohibited, except in the cases if such interference positively influences the diagnosis, treatment, or care provided, and shall only take place with the patient’s consent.

In relation with the medical staff, patients have a series of rights stipulated by the legislation in force. In addition to rights, patients also have certain responsibilities they must take into account.

The right to be informed and patients’ access to information

  1. The right to be informed and access to patient information is a priority for our Clinic: we protect the confidentiality of patient information obtained during our professional activity.
  2. We offer our patients, upon their request, full and intelligible information regarding their health, treatment stages, risks, and expected results.
  3. We respect the patients’ right to make decisions, without imposing our personal convictions, and based on their consent, and informing their families or persons indicated by them of their prognosis.
  4. In case if patients declare that they do not wish to know the prognosis, members of the patients’ families may be informed, according to their directions.
  5. An informed agreement is considered valid in cases where patients present personally to use healthcare services or if a medical consultation at home is requested.
  6. An informed consent of a patient can be accepted verbally or in written form and shall be issued as a record in their medical documentation, which shall be obligatorily signed by the patient or their legal representative (close relative) and the attending doctor or the medical staff, where the name and conditions of the expected healthcare act, as well as eventual risks are explicitly indicated.
  7. The agreement shall be accepted only after the patient is fully informed of the diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic alternatives, and their risks and benefits.
  8. In emergency situations, when the patient’s life is endangered and they cannot express their will and their relatives or legal representatives cannot be contacted, the agreement shall be considered implicit, and the medical staff shall do everything possible to save their life, whereas the patient shall be subsequently informed of the extent of the healthcare act performed.
  9. In case if patients are minor or have limited legal capacity, the consent shall be expressed by their guardians, legal representatives, or other appointed persons.

The right to confidentiality and personal data protection

  1. We respect the patients’ right stating that the information regarding their physical and mental health, intimate, private, and family aspects of their personal life shall not be disclosed to third parties, pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection.
  2. We protect the confidentiality of information regarding our patients, obtained during our activity by accumulation, storage, transmission, reception, or destruction of personal data.
  3. Patients shall have the right to have their information disclosed:
    1. a) with the written consent of the patient;
    2. b) with the written consent of the guardian/legal representative of the patient, when the patient’s age or their state of health does not allow obtaining their direct consent;
    3. c) in case of preventing major damage or endangering the health of the patient, third persons, or the general public;
    4. d) upon request of criminal investigation authorities, the prosecutor’s office, and the court in connection with criminal prosecution or judicial investigation, etc.

Patients’ responsibilities

  1. The German Diagnostic Center addresses the issue of public order and your safety in the most serious way and has established the following rules of ethics and security for this purpose:
  1. Maintaining order, quietude, and cleanliness within the medical unit is one of the attributes of providing quality and decent services for you;
  2. Respecting the rights of other patients, the visiting schedule, as well as functional circuits in our unit, which are applied to you and which are displayed;
  3. Reading the contents of the informed consent/ agreement blanks applied in the unit. If you do not understand the content of these blanks, please address us for explanations;
  4. Strict compliance with the visit plan and preliminarily informing the reception staff or the doctors of any modifications which you would like to introduce or which are caused by external reasons;
  5. Patients shall have an obligation to make available all the documents regarding their identity in their personal name to the medical staff, in accordance with the legal provisions;
  6. Assuming full responsibility for the consequences that arise in case of refusal to follow the instructions and recommendations of the staff of the German Diagnostic Center;
  7. Compliance with the displayed rules of prevention and intervention in case of fires and disasters, and compliance with the displayed evacuation circuit;
  8. Avoiding photo/video/audio recording within the perimeter of the German Diagnostic Center;
  9. Excluding the access of dangerous or prohibited objects and pets to the perimeter of the German Diagnostic Center.
  10. Paying the value of the medical services according to the cost of the selected service before it is offered by the GDC medical staff, in direct cash by the visitor or based on payment operations in electronic currency made exclusively by holders of electronic money (bank cards), in accordance with Art. 52 par. (1) and Art. 54 of the Law on Paid Services and Electronic Currency (for additional details, ask the GDC representatives to provide the Excerpt on Using Payment Cards at the GDC).