At the German Diagnostic Center there is a complex automation system of the analysis laboratory, which contributes significantly to a higher accuracy of the analyzes, to the reduction of the execution time, to a better traceability and follow-up of the samples of each patient.

We have an integrated laboratory information system, online connection of the device to the system, online validation of results – this allows the automation of the laboratory process and the reduction of the “human factor” practically to zero.

We propose a wide range of investigations. Some complicated and rare research will be carried out in Germany in the laboratories of the Limbach Group – the largest specialist group in Germany. Absolutely all results are archived and stored electronically.

The German Diagnostic Center offers a wide range of medical tests of unquestionable quality. Starting with the simplest blood and urine tests, and ending with medical tests that are not done anywhere in Moldova, but only abroad, the German Diagnostic Center can answer all your requests. The collection is done daily. The collection room is modernly equipped and ensures the best conditions in terms of the quality of the samples collected, the hygiene conditions, the biological safety as well as all the comfort for our patients.