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At the German Diagnostic Center, we ensure patients access the newest and most advanced medical services for maximum diagnostic and therapeutic benefit.

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    Centrul de Diagnostic German este o companie cu capital străin, fondată în anul 2007. Este un centru medical ce și-a propus o abordare Europeană faţă de clienţii săi, fiind dotat cu echipament medical de ultimă oră. Acesta permite efectuarea investigaţiilor de înaltă performanţă prin:

    În anul 2012 Centrul de Diagnostic German a lărgit spectrul de investigaţii pe care-l oferă pacienților săi. A creat secţia Ginecologie, dotată cu aparataj modern pentru diagnostic şi tratament.

    Centrul de Diagnostic German colaborează strâns cu cele mai prestigioase clinici din Germania și alte țări Europene


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    Why choose the German Diagnostic Center?

    We created and successfully created the impossible things that patients did not have access to. We have invested in people who have formed the strongest medical team! We have implemented the most advanced diagnostic protocols and brought Intelligent Medicine to the Republic of Moldova.

    We are the first to conduct high-performance investigations with advanced protocols. We offer daily consultations and perform successful investigations because our patients’ health is our concern!

    Our specialists

    Alexandru Guțu

    Stefan Speianu

    Silvia Danu

    Maria Moldovanu

    Head of MRI/CT Department, Radiologist

    Doina Ceresău

    Laboratory doctor

    Anatolie Cazacu

    Oleg Bologan

    Adrian Cebotari


    Leonid Onea

    Iuvenalii Coşulinschi

    Radiologist, superior category

    Alexandru Talgarenco

    Olga Crîlova

    Aliona Petrova

    Alexandra Morozan

    Vataman Micaela

    Radiologist, ultrasonographist, functional diagnosis specialist

    Lazu Mihaela


    Cotorcea Vitalie

    Sonographer, superior category

    Tamara Gorea

    Sonographer, superior category

    Galben Irina

    Imaging physician, ultrasonographist, superior category

    Dorina Jovmir

    Ludmila Buza

    Neurologist, superior category

    Larisa Soltan

    Neurologist, superior category

    Maia Kaigorodov

    Svetlana Cotelnic

    Angela Prepeliță

    Secu-Ghițu Elena


    Emilia Stici

    Obstetrician-gynecologist, superior category

    Nadejda Sapojnic


    Alexandru Carauș

    Cardiologist, University professor

    Oboroc Gabi


    Natalia Calestru-Gherb

    Daniela Cozma

    Artur Brăgaru

    Silviu Moghildea

    Oleg Pulbere

    Gonţa Veronica


    Natalia Gaibu

    Jovmir Vasile

    Oncologist, breast surgeon, superior category

    Ion Chirița


    Cristina Barat


    Iacob Botnari

    Danu Adrian

    Cea mai performantă Tomografie Computerizată a plămânilor din Moldova

    Our customers reviews

    Marina Sucitu

    Star Star Star

    Polite, patient staff explains and answers all your questions. I was satisfied every time I used the services of this center.

    Natalia Rotaru

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Before going to this center, I read some comments here, and they were practically all negative, which surprised me after I actually went there. I made 3 visits, and every time I was satisfied with the employees and the medical staff. Neurologist Larisa Soltan is an excellent doctor (practically saved me). The prices are a bit overwhelming, but that’s it.

    Anna Rotaru

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Pleasant experience, adequate friendly staff, quality services. I recommend!

    Natalia Edinac

    Star Star Star Star Star

    I had a CT angiography of coronary vessels. Dr. Anatol Cazacu and his team are true professionals, very involved and dedicated. Thank you.

    Dorina Juravlea

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. You are the best. Thanks to you, my life has changed radically for the better.

    Deleu Aliona

    Star Star Star Star Star

    I had a CT and they found the problem I have, which other diagnostic centers could not do… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Ion Mitreanu

    Star Star Star Star Star

    I found the best doctors at the German Diagnostic Center.

    Ioana Rotaru

    Star Star Star Star Star

    When I need reliable and accurate investigations, I confidently turn to the German Diagnostic Center.

    Alex Scutaru

    Star Star Star Star Star

    I was satisfied with your services. I definitely recommend you to friends.

    Petru Osipov

    Star Star Star Star Star

    I am very satisfied. A very friendly team. Today I had a spine MRI, and I was very well received, thank you to the whole team. Thank you and wish you good health! They are worth 5 stars! I didn’t have to wait long. Particular thanks to Dr. Adrian Cebotari.

    Olga Sinitchi

    Star Star Star Star Star

    If we need something for health, we only go to the German Diagnostic Center. There is no trust in other doctors. We found good experience and real help here.

    Frequently asked questions

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used to examine all areas of the body, even the entire body, where appropriate. MRI allows accurate investigation of the following:

    • Brain diseases;
    • Disorders of the soft tissues of the face and neck;
    • Ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological diseases;
    • Benign and malignant diseases of the mammary glands;
    • Diseases of the spine;
    • Detection and staging of tumors;
    • Diseases of the liver and other abdominal organs;
    • Pathologies of the pelvic organs, especially of the prostate in men;
    • Traumatic injuries and diseases of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments;
    • Congenital malformations and acquired cardiovascular diseases;
    • Disorders of blood vessels, abnormal hemodynamics.

    Magnetic resonance imaging equipment does not use X-rays (Roentgen) or ionizing radiation during the investigation. Magnetic resonance emits only magnetic waves, which are not harmful to the human body. Due to them, the computer software of the device allows three-dimensional reconstruction of the organs of the human body. Thus, MRI is a non-radiant, non-invasive and painless imaging method.

    Most MRI investigations do not require special preparation. Dietary and daily activities do not require changes.
    If you are treated with medicines, continue the treatment, but notify the medical staff of it before the examination. Before entering the examination room, you will be asked to leave in a safe place the items that are incompatible with the magnetic field. These items include:
    – coins;
    – jewelry;
    – watches;
    – bank cards;
    – hearing aids;
    – keys;
    – metal chips;
    – other metal objects.

    Eventually you will be asked to wear a hospital gown to avoid interference from metal strap in your clothes.

    Consult your doctor if you have had surgery with implantation of metal devices and prostheses or if you wear any of the following devices:
    – Pacemaker
    – Neurostimulator
    – Metal implants
    – Surgical clips
    – Implanted drug infusion systems
    – Metallic foreign body in the eye
    – Firearm wounds (bullets/shot)
    – Permanent eyeliner

    In general, MRI is harmless. However, if you are pregnant or you breastfeed, you should inform the medical staff before the examination!

    If you breastfeed and have to undergo MRI with contrast administration, you shall plan artificial baby feeding for 48 hours after MRI to allow for the elimination of the contrast agent from the body.